Saturday, February 7, 2009

Reasons why I love babysitting

Well I'll start with Thursday night while I was babysitting Gigi. 

I walk in to an extremely happy naked little girl. Now the bargain was that if she got dressed I would play Hi-Ho Cherri-o with her. 

So of corse she got dressed.

Now I don't remember how to play, and of corse Gigi didn't know either, so we played the Gigi way. You start off with all the apples in the tree. Then Gigi has to count them to make sure that there's 10. She was really good till the third time when she counted 1 2 8 3 mumble mumble 10! lol Any time she spun a number that's how many you put in the bucket. Any time she landed on a bird she would say "tweet tweet" and any time she would land on a the dog she would bark. "Woof woof", but is kind of sounded more like foof foof. Oh and when she spun the tipped over barrel she would say "Uh oh." And it ended with "I WIN!" Because you know Gigi always wins lol.

We played about 3 rounds (changing colors each time). Then as it was her turn to be the red tree she started to put the blueberries in her red tree. Well she just thought this was the most absolutely hysterical hilarious thing she had ever done. Gigi has the greatest laugh I have ever heard. It rings like bells and it's just so light and innocent and beautiful. After doing this for 10 minutes the whole house was just filled with the joyful laugh of Gigi because she was putting the blueberries on the cherry tree.

Sadly it did have to come to an end because it was bed time... or so I thought. As I started reading "Platypus and His Lucky Day" she would start laughing any time I would read. The louder I read the louder she laughed. I stopped reading and just started turning the pages. She responds "Madi, why aren't you reading? You need to read the book." So again I started to read and again she started to laugh. I couldn't help it, I had to laugh too! Laughing kids are the best.

Now tonight did not go as smoothly. Kimball was already pretty fussy, poor guy didn't even finish his popcorn, and Joey was just sitting watching his movie. I decided to put Kimball down early because he was really fussy and starting to throw a fit. After I put him in his pj's he seemed to be okay, until he started throwing things at Joey. Joey being the big brother of corse what does he do... he throws his empty popcorn bowl at Kimball. The night was over. As I carried Kimball up to bed crying and listening to Joey cry because I turned off the movie I wondered if the night could get any worse. Joey also cried on the way up to bed continuing to repeat "But he threw it first!"

Sitting on the couch and listening to Kimball cry I felt like the worst person in the world. Yes Kimball throw it first, but Joey throw it back. Finally I convinced myself that I was alright in putting them to bed early. 

Kimball's crying continued :'( 

I took him some milk, hoping that it would calm him down and also because he began to cough. 

Ah yes quiet at last... Until the banging started in Joey's room. As I open the door (which he was leaning against) I see that he was still crying a little and playing with an Old McDonald toy. 

"Joey, it's time for bed."
"But I didn't get a hug and a kiss!" He says through tears (he repeats this like 4 times before I caught what he was saying).
"Your mommy gave you a hug and kiss before she left."
-- and here comes the best part ever!
"Yes, but I didn't get one from you."

Oh my goodness! I just wanted to pick him up and feed him ice cream! Was this his initial plan? Probably, but it was still the cutest and most awesomest thing I had ever heard!!! It made the whole night just that much better. 

Laughing with Gigi and a hug and a kiss from Joey, man I can't wait to have kids!!! They are so full of joy. They remind you of the little things, maybe it's because they are little? It's okay to laugh and nothing and everything, and also to laugh at yourself for making silly mistakes (although after the 10th time I realized she was not colorblind, just silly). And a hug and a kiss before bed is the most important thing, no matter if it's from you mom, dad, or the babysitter (just not some crazy creepy guy that followed you home because of the stickers on the back of your car or truck [I completely agree Jen, those things were not well thought out]).

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prego Urego

I'm adopted. My birthmother was 15 when she gave me to my loving parents. Just so you understand where I'm coming from.

Ok I am taking an English class in college and absolutely loving it, and I was thrilled with my teacher until he said something that to me was quite disturbing. "I am pro choice" he said it with such I guess you could call it authority and satisfaction??? He proceeded to go on about how all women should have that choice and that now with the new president that now it can be possible. I thought I was going to be sick, I tell you I almost got up and walked out of the room. I let is go and just went on with the rest of my day.

Then today in class we are discussing our memoirs and what some topics are that we have chosen or want to choose. This one young woman continued to complain about how nothing exciting or life changing has happened to her. After thinking for a few 10 minutes she finally says "Well I guess there was the birth of my daughter." HOLY COW LADY!!! I wanted to get up and smack her right there! I literally had to close my mouth because my jaw dropped. Oh and it gets even better. Before she got pregnant her mom offered to get her started on birth control and she turned her down. And to bring up feelings from last class my teacher starts in on how he admires her mother for being brilliant and wanting her daughter on the pill.

Two words people, Adoption and Abstinence. 

The only 2 things I find wrong with the hispanic culture down here. 
1. Don't even mention giving your baby up, it's unheard of.
2. Have sex with anyone and everyone, just get married by a priest.
(if I'm wrong correct me, but this is just what I have observed)

It never really hit me till today that there is a good chance that I could not be here right now. And how truly thankful I am for a mother and a father that love me more than anything. 

I wanted to stand up in class and say "Has anyone heard of adoption or oh I don't know NOT having sex???" 

If you are not ready to care for a child and or not ready to give up 9 months of your life to give the child to willing loving people, then go shoplift. The sentence is shorter (6 months fyi).  

Now don't think I am cold hearted and prejudice against women who keep their babies. More power to you for keeping your child, maybe even marrying the father. In fact one of my best friends got pregnant at the age of 17. She married the father (Nick is an awesome guy and another good friend) and they are just the happiest little family. But see they took responsibility and didn't go run off and have an abortion. I love my friend and would never say anything against her.

This is for the ones who think that a child is a mistake that can be fixed with a snip rip and oh not prego anymore. 

let the hate mail fly